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We promote high quality and affordable education for children


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We give a high attention to our pupils hence they excel anywhere they are.


Every child is unique and special and this reflects in the development of the child.


The added achievement for your child include becoming a morally upright, a socially accommodating and a responsible member of the larger society.


We operate the Montessori system of education as well as follow the provision of the National Policy on Education of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


There are social clubs, organized tours, class quiz and debate competitions and sporting activities which children are encouraged to participate in whilst in school

From the Head Teacher

HTThe best legacy one can give a child is EDUCATION. The essence of education globally, is to bring a positive change into the life of the recipient (the child). In order to achieve this, the school and the home have a collective role to play since they form among others two major institutions where a child’s life is shaped.

The home on one hand must provide the care, leadership and financial requirements while the school on the other hand provides the technical know-how and the enabling environment that will enhance the affective, cognitive and psychomotor domains of the child in order to ensure that the child is educated.

At Rola International School, we do one thing only and we do it right- “WE EDUCATE”

Certainly, every child is unique and precious to us. Our aim therefore, is to provide a supportive environment that will help children identify themselves and their talents, encourage and guide their curiosities as well as provide a solid foundation for the optimal development of knowledge and skills. This will also help the children acquire good societal values and high moral standard that will transform them into morally upright and responsible members of the society.

Proprietress Speech

ProprietressRola International School opened its school gates to the first set of pupils (Boys and Girls) in September 2001.

Rola International School therefore stands for the promotion of high quality affordable education.  On its present site, the school is a pleasant site to behold. We believe that educational environment is an important factor to create a positive attitude for children to embrace schooling.

Rola International School is set out to fulfil that objective with its excellent locational advantage in a highbrow residential zone, the M.K.O. Gardens a very serene, clean, friendly, comfortable environment, highly conducive to learning.

At Rola International School, we do one thing only and we do it right: “WE EDUCATE”. The provision of high quality child-care service and high quality child education requires setting clear vision and adopting strategies that make things work.

Therefore, we have well trained, experienced and dedicated teaching workforce, who have good understanding of management of children.  The bringing together of these highly skilled and experienced individuals will ensure the delivery of high quality educational services to our children.

We shall continue to build on their skills to ensure achievement of the desired goals and objectives for which the school was established.


We are little saplings,

But soon we’ll grow to be,

Big sturdy tree,

May God almighty bless,

Our parents, teachers, friends,

And all who help us through,

The pearly gates


The modern facilities provided in our school that will enhance positive long-term academic success for the children


We do not just take care of our children that God has placed in our care, we also educate, nurture and teach them to be cultured. Check our ratings…





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