Admissions Process

Registration Process

Registration forms and prospectus are obtainable from the Administrative officer at a fee.

Admission is given to boys and girls from diverse origin and background and school fees are affordable and payable termly or annually before the resumption of school term. School tellers for the payment of fees are obtainable from the Administrative Officer.

The school provides a discount for multiple registrations.

Admission Form can also be downloaded from our website

Why You Should Choose Rola International School

We bring more nearly two decades experience. Rola is an excellent learning institution where learning are the awakening of knowledge to the child is a joyous not a chore. 

Our Classes

  • Crèche Services to babies
  • Pre-School for ages 12 weeks – 5 years
  • Playgroups Services in Kindergarten for toddlers
  • Primary School for ages 5 years and above. It provides educational facilities for Basic 1 (Primary 1) – Basic 6 (Primary 6)

School Hours

Day Care: 8am – 6pm

Kindergarten/Nursery: 8am – 1pm

Basic 1 (Primary 1) – Basic 6 (Primary 6): 8am – 2:30pm