Classroom (Class/Size)

Our classrooms are clean, comfortable, well ventilated, spacious and attractively furnished.

Our classrooms provide every child with a stimulating atmosphere for positive teaching and learning.

The class size is manageable and ideal for the growth and development of the pupils.  It also enables the teacher to give every child the required attention.  Apart from classroom work, home works are given and the progress of each child is well monitored in school.

Information Communication Technology (ICT)

In consonance with the modern world of technology, the school has a fully air-conditioned and well-equipped computer laboratory with internet facilities.

All children have access to these computers and with the use of a variety of software; we support numeracy and literacy learning.


Children need to develop a life-long reading habit.

Most children spend long hours at home, starring at TV programmes and Home videos, which rob them the culture of reasoning, thinking and patience.

Our quiet, comfortable and well-stocked school library, provides quality reading books, which will enable them imbibe reading culture and instill love of literature in them from an early age.

Physical and Health Education

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl.

Physical Education encourages healthy life-style and provides the much needed opportunity for skill development, team spirit and social interaction.

Refectory/School Meals

Mid-day meals of delicious children favorite are prepared in the hygienic environment of the school kitchen and served in the school refectory.

This is to ensure that the children take at least one good-meal a day.


A well-stocked “sick bay” manned by a qualified nurse provides first-aid treatment for minor complaints.

Parents are advised to ensure they leave their most current telephone number and an alternative number of a close relative or friend to be contacted for emergency.

Fine Arts

There is a Fine Art studio in the school.

This allows pupils to be creatively or constructively involved in art work such as drawing, painting, molding and crafts

School Transportation System

Convenient/comfortable school buses are provided to bring pupils to school and take them back home to ease the busy work schedule of parents.