Every child is unique and special and this reflects in the development of the child.

At Rola International School, our mission is to carefully nurture every child’s unique qualities and potentials with competent hands right from CRADLE where life takes root, unto productive maturity.


  • To provide a supportive environment to help children enjoy childhood fun and education through play ways in early years.
  • To help children identify, appreciate and recognize themselves and their potentials.
  • To engage their curiosity and enquiring mind in things around them to help build a solid foundation for development of optional knowledge and skill.
  • To provide the all embracing facilities for a balanced child growth and development.
Achievement Level
These provisions will surely help your child acquire necessary knowledge and skill, good societal values and high moral development.

The added achievement for your child include becoming a morally upright, a socially accommodating and a responsible member of the larger society.